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• Dedicated Internet Access

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Your internet bandwidth is dedicated for only you so you will not face any congestion related issues.


With a dedicated internet service you get symmetric upload and download speeds for any kind of internet traffic.


Dedicated internet access (DIA) is easily scalable up to the port speeds which are generally 100M, 1G or 10G

Offload MPLS Traffic

With the local internet breakout, you can offload your MPLS traffic and offer the internet connectivity right at the remote office.

SLA backed

Service level agreements ensure availability and performance guarantees (latency, jitter, packet loss)

Various Last Mile Options

Fiber, copper or radio link last mile connections can be provided from your premises to the nearest IP PoP for additional diversity.

Dedicated Internet Access Market to Record a Robust Growth Rate for the COVID-19 Period: Be it artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) or digital reality, the increased rate of technological advancements around the world is directly proportional to the growth of global Dedicated Internet Access Market.